PSAT Registration deadline is September 18    ***    Makeup Photo Day is September 27    ***    No school October 6    ***    PSAT is October 11

Amador Valley High

P.E. Waivers

AV Student Athletes:
Some students may qualify for a PE waiver (10th through 12th grades ONLY) due to participation on Amador Teams. Students must complete waiver applications in order to request a waiver. Athletic PE waiver request form Please contact Vice Principal, Doris Kwok: for more information on PE waivers.
Outside of School Sports/Activities:
Students participating in Sports/Activities outside of Amador Valley High School that may qualify for a PE waiver must schedule a meeting with Vice Principal Doris Kwok: to go over the CA state requirements that must be met in order to qualify for a waiver. Waivers are NOT automatically approved.