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2024-25 Athletics

2024-2025 Fall Sports
Registration is open now on for the following sports:
Girls Flag Football
Cross Country
Boys & Girls Water Polo
Girls Volleyball
Girls Golf
Girls Tennis
  *IMPORTANT: Remember to register under the 2024-2025 school year, and to register under Amador Valley, not just Amador (Amador High School is 2 hours north of us)
Contract submission and Baseline concussion testing are listed below.
Please see our Coaches Directory if you wish you find out about any summer training being offered.  

Parent Feedback Survey:


IMPORTANT REMINDER: A contract needs to be turned in for each individual sport you register for. For example, if you registered online for both Football and Baseball at the beginning of the year, got cleared for Football in the Fall, you must still turn in an addition contract for Baseball to be cleared for the Spring. This is because we clear students by season. By having to turn in contracts, it tells us you're still interested in playing that sport. But most importantly, these contracts get filed away with each sports roster that is created that we keep for our records. That way, if we need to verify participation, you will show in all the sports you played for. 



Students are only allowed to play one sport per season. If you are wanting to try out for multiple sports, you must be cleared for one more first and if you do not make the team, only then are you allowed to be cleared for another sport. Students playing multiple sports in the year must complete the registration process for each sport. Registering once does not transfer between sports. Coaches use the online registrations to form their rosters. For example, if you registered for Cross Country in the Fall and now want to do Track & Field in the Spring, you must re-register under Track & Field so the coach can add you to the official roster. Registering for a sport will also generate a new contract from Home Campus. We need these sports specific contracts for District records.

Students must also be responsible for keeping their Home Campus accounts up to date. This includes making sure a valid physical is uploaded, and uploading your Baseline Concussion confirmation if your sport requires it. 

Per PUSD, Doctors physicals are valid for ONE year from the exam date. Doctors MUST sign, date, stamp and check the box that states 'Cleared to participate with no restrictions'. PUSD physical forms can be printed below. 

Baseline Concussion testing is required for all contact sports and is valid for 2 years. The confirmation email students recieve from Impact needs to be uploaded to their sports registration. This file needs to be saved and reuploaded each year. 

Sports that Require Baseline Tesing: Football, Girls Flag Football, Boys & Girls Volleyball, Girls & Boys Water Polo, Cheer, Boys & Girls Basketball, Boys & Girls Soccer, Boys & Girls Wrestling, Baseball, Softball, Boys & Girls Lacrosse, Diving, Track & Field Jumping events (i.e- long jump, hurdles, pole vault)

Voluntary athletic donation for sports may be attached to your clearance paperwork to the main office in the form of a check at time of registration. Once team rosters have been finalized, you may also donate by using the Amador Webstore. To use the Webstore, you will log in under your student's account and refer to the Athletics page on the Website for suggested voluntary donation amounts. There is a processing fee incurred when contributing through the Webstore, so you are also welcome to donate by check, cash or credit card directly to the main office Monday-Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and no processing fee would be incurred. For more information, please refer to the Athletic Voluntary Donation link (to the right) for the suggested donation for each sport. Checks are made out to AVHS

Please ensure that all book bills are cleared for your athlete prior to submitting any paperwork to Activities. Debts must be resolved prior to clearance for tryouts in your sport.

In order to participate in sports at Amador a student must be in good academic standing. Grades will be checked for each student at the time of their signed confirmation email submission to the Activities Desk.

Final sports clearance must be received before a student will be allowed to try out for a Sport. Please ensure that you follow each step to secure your Clearance in a timely matter.

Please refer to the EBAL website for updated information regarding schedules, including start and end dates