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PE Waiver

For students interested in meeting the PUSD P.E. requirement through participation in:

PE 2nd Year Waived

In PUSD, the second year of PE requirements (10 credits) may be requested to be waived. This can be accomplished through participation in PUSD athletics (AVHS or FHS), Marching Band, in outside sports agencies, or by attaining a medical waiver should a student not be able to participate in PE due to health issues. Please see the forms on this webpage for more detailed instructions on requesting a PE waiver.

Please submit all completed documents to Louise Strauch in the Counseling Office before Mr. Jaramillo sends your name to the PUSD School Board for approval.

All PE Waiver requests are processed at the school site and are approved at the discretion of the PUSD School Board during regular PUSD School Board Meetings. When a student has met the criteria to waive 10 credits, his/her name will be submitted to the board for approval of the PE waiver. The schedule for submission to the board can be found here.

Independent PE activities: Please note that the Fitnessgram was waived for 9th graders the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years. Passing the Fitnessgram is not required for students who were 9th graders those school years.