2021-22 AV Sports


Online Registration for Winter Sports is open on AthleticClearance.com

Contract submissions have already taken place, please contact your coach if you wish to register


**Spring Sports online registration will open December 1st on AthleticClearance.com**



Students playing multiple sports must complete the registration process for each sport. Registering once does not transfer between sports. Coaches use the online registrations to form their rosters. For example, if you registered for Cross Country and now want to do Track & Field, you must re-register under Track & Field so the coach can add you to the roster. Registering for a sport will also generate a new contract from Athletic Clearance. We need these sports specific contracts for District records. Students may only participate in one sport per season


To register for participation in a sport at Amador, please follow these instructions:


Step 1:   All incoming freshmen athletes participating in a contact sport or returning athletes whose baseline has expired, must complete a baseline concussion screening. This screening is a computer based test and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.  The test will be administered by our Athletic Trainer. Upon completion of the test, students will be responsible for uploading their confirmation receipt email indicating they passed the test to their Athletic Clearance account. Confirmation of this upload is required for sports clearance.  Testing dates to be determined.  A Baseline Concussion test is good for two years once taken.


Step 2:  Parents must register their student online through Athletic Clearances Registration (www. AthleticClearance.com) before a student can try-out for a sport. All athletes must have a current athletic physical form, which is good for one year from the date of the exam. Physicals can be found on the bottom of this page or in the yellow box to the right. Be sure to print and bring the physical form to your Doctor’s appointment and once completed please upload the physical form to the athletic clearance site where requested. (Remember--each physical form needs to be signed, stamped and dated by your physician to be deemed valid.) Parent, do not forget to fill out the top portion of the physical form, as well as sign the bottom. If your student plays multiple sports, physical forms can be transferred from one sport to another (within the same school year), but you must register your student, using Athletic Clearances, for every season. Additionally, proof of health insurance is required to participate in a sport at Amador.  Please upload a photo of your health insurance card on your Athletic Clearance account where "Proof of Insurance" is indicated.


After completing the on-line registration process with AthleticClearance.com, you will receive a confirmation email that your information has been submitted to us.  You must print this email and include both a parent and student signature.  You will then bring this signed form to the Activities Windows on the side of the Amador Main Office for Final Clearance. Windows will be open for Clearance drop off Monday-Friday 7:45am-3:45pm. We will then go through and verify all your documents are up to date. You will not be cleared to participate until you receive an email from Athletic Clearance that confirms your clearance.


***Please only drop off clearance contracts only. We do not take hard copies of doctors physicals***


Designated Contract Submission to Student Activities is as follows:

**We do not accept contracts before their designated submission date**


Fall Sports


Sideline Cheer* - Registration has closed

Comp Cheer* - Registration has closed

Football* - Registration has closed

Boys Water Polo* - Registration has closed

Girls Water Polo* - Registration has closed

Girls Golf - Registration has closed

Girls Volleyball* - Registration has closed 

Girls Tennis - Registration has closed

Girls Cross Country - Registration has closed

Boys Cross Country - Registration has closed



Winter Sports Contract Submission Dates


Boys Basketball* - Please contact the Coach is you wish to register

Girls Basketball* - Please contact the Coach is you wish to register

Wrestling* - Please contact the Coach is you wish to register

Girls Soccer* - Please contact the Coach is you wish to register

Boys Soccer* - Please contact the Coach is you wish to register



Spring Sports Contract Submission Dates

**First day of Spring Sports is February 7th, 2022


Baseball* - January 12th

Boys Tennis - January 13th

Boys Golf - January 14th

Softball* - January 18th

Boys Lacrosse* - January 19th

Girls Lacrosse* - January 20th

Boys Volleyball* - January 21st

Boys Swim - January 24th

Girls Swim - January 25th

Dive* - January 26th

STUNT Cheer* - January 27th

Badminton - January 28th

Boys Track & Field** - January 31st

Girls Track & Field** - February 1st

Make Ups - February 2nd-4th



*All asterisked sports require a Baseline Concussion test*

**Track & Field jumping events only (long jump, hurdles, pole vault) require Baseline tests

Baseline testing is done through our Athletic Trainer, Diana Hasenpflug, and must be done through her only. We do not accept outside concussion testing. Spring Sports Baseline testing will take place at 3:30PM in the Library on the following dates:


Baseball - December 8th

Softball - December 15th

Girls LAX - December 15th

Boys LAX - January 12th

Boys Volleyball - January 19th

Diving - January 19th

Track & Field (jumping events only, i.e- long jump, hurdles, pole vault) - January 19th

Stunt Cheer - January 26th

Make-Ups - February 2nd



Please plan to submit your paperwork on the sport-specific date identified above.  If you are unable to complete this process on your designated date then you must turn it in on the Make-up Day for all Sports.


**Any voluntary athletic donation for sports may be attached to your clearance paperwork to the main office in the form of a check at time of registration. Once team rosters have been finalized, you may also donate by using the Amador Webstore.  To use the Webstore, you will log in under your student's account and refer to the Athletics page on the Website for suggested voluntary donation amounts.  There is a processing fee incurred when contributing through the Webstore, so you are also welcome to donate by check, cash or credit card directly to the main office Monday-Friday from 7:45am-3:30pm and no processing fee would be incurred.  For more information, please refer to the Athletic Voluntary Donation link (to the right) for the suggested donation for each sport. Checks are made out to AVHS


Step 3:   Please ensure that all book bills are cleared for your athlete prior to submitting any paperwork to Activities.  Debts must be resolved prior to clearance for tryouts in your sport.


Step 4:   In order to participate in sports at Amador a student must be in good academic standing.  Grades will be checked for each student at the time of their signed confirmation email submission to the Activities Desk.


Final sports clearance must be received before a student will be allowed to try out for a Sport.  Please ensure that you follow each step to secure your Clearance in a timely matter.




-Click here for Athletic Clearance to register your student for a sport.


-Download and print Physical Form



Please refer to the EBAL website for updated information regarding schedules, including start and end dates -  http://www.theebal.com/