Support Counseling & Community Resources

Support Counseling Services @ AVHS include: 


(1) Implement a resiliency-focused, preventative and proactive mental health program including coaching students in stress/anxiety management skills, coping strategies, decision-making skills that result in healthy and developmentally appropriate choices, conflict resolution and effective communication skills. These skills will facilitate and support our students' healthy development, academic success and positive social growth. This will likely take the form of classroom presentations and various support groups on campus during the school day as well as individual student meetings. 


(2) Provide appropriate and caring crisis response to students in distress and students who are "at risk" due to mental health challenges/struggles (i.e. grief/loss, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc.), mal-adaptive behaviors (i.e. self-injury, aggressive tendencies or substance abuse), and/or family stress.  We will encourage open communication with parents about how to provide support, safety and further treatment to their child during and after a crisis including referrals for therapy, groups, and social support for teens and their families.


(3)  Provide resources, support, and consultation for all members of the AVHS community including primary caregivers, teachers/staff and school administrators by facilitating mental health education and advocacy (i.e. referrals for appropriate resources and information/presentations/events about common challenges faced by teens).


Please visit the Support Counseling page often for new resources & updated information. 


Short Documentary produced by Demi Lovato aiming to challenge the stigma of mental illness:


How to Raise Successful Kids Without Over Parenting - TedTalk by former Stanford University Dean of students: 


Starting the Conversation about Mental Health: tools for adults & students


Teen Mental Health Awareness Resources/Slides (from "The Mind of Your 21st Century Teen" event Jan. 27th, 2016)


PUSD Anonymous Student Support Tip-line: (925) 417-5199
Texts and Calls to this phone number are anonymous and confidential. The tip-line is an avenue for students or adults to report concerns about fellow students. Messages will be reviewed and directed to appropriate District staff for follow up.

Community Resources in the Tri-Valley

Below is a list of community resources within the Tri-Valley area.  Additional resources are also available upon request in the counseling office.  Parents and students are always welcome to come to our counseling department and meet with one of counselors for additional information and guidance.  We are here to help you and your family through life’s challenging times.

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