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Updating ParentVUE Parent Portal

Attention Amador Valley Parents!

You can now edit your contact information by logging into your Parent Connection account.

Please note that we are not using Q any longer. Any information you input in Q Parent Portal will not be updated.

You will be able to print this information, as well as add/edit Phone Number and Phone Type, Title, Name (first middle last), email address, employer, occupation, and your phone numbers. It is very important that each contact have his or her own unique email address. If one contact does not have an email address, leave this field blank. Please do not put more than one email address or add any comments in the email address field.

The information you change or update will be fed directly into the district's automatic calling/email system after review by your school site. This will help get important district information to you in a timely and accurate manner. The phone numbers you provide will be used to contact you according to the phone type you choose from the dropdown menu in the following order: 'Main', 'Residence', 'Cell', then 'Work'. If there is no phone listed with type 'Main', the call will go to 'Residence'. If there is no 'Main' or 'Residence', the call will go to 'Cell'. If there are no phones marked with the first three, the call will go to the number you designate as 'Work.' In this manner, you can control which number the district will use to contact you with important information as well as the accuracy of the number.

If you do not see the 'My Information' option or have any issues editing your information, please submit a support ticket.